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“The session was amazing! I thought I was pretty relaxed before, but I don’t know if my body has ever been as relaxed as it was after gong!”


“I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and tree pose is always so hard for me. After gong, I was able to do it! So exciting!!!”

~ Anonymous

“Gong is very relaxing for me, especially since my brain rarely turns off. It allows me to unplug and think about literally nothing.”


“I sometimes struggle to fall asleep, but when I start gong, I fall asleep IMMEDIATELY. It’s just that relaxing and I love how it makes me feel.


“Gong works well for me when I have migraines. It takes away the pain.”


“The sound and vibrations create a sense of calm and relaxation for my mind and my body.”


“Being introduced to gong through my daughter-in-law was an eye-opener as to how to truly relax your mind and body. The instruments and soft tones of her voice gives you a complete experience of release.”




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