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Meet Meg

Meg Watt

Detroit native, Healthcare IT professional, and self-proclaimed trauma healing geek, Meg Watt, knows exactly what it means to undergo extreme trauma, depression, and stress. But more importantly, she knows what it feels like to experience those emotions and go through the healing process.  Her issues with anxiety and stress started early in her childhood dealing with issues of colorism in her home and significant family dysfunction. After leaving her family home in Detroit Meg attended Howard University and later attended Penn State to pursue her Master’s and Ph.D. in Genetics. 


Throughout Meg’s life, she has had to do an extensive amount of deep, personal work to heal from significant trauma and stress. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, depression, lack of self-love, and stress levels so high that left her wheelchair-bound for six weeks. 


But then Meg found Sound Healing and her life changed. 


She met and married the love of her life. 

She became financially free. 

She lost 57 lbs.

She healed from years of feeling broken and lost. 


Meg Watt is a sound healer helping high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs heal from stress, anxiety, and trauma. She currently serves as Chief Sound Healer at Soul Heal Sound where she has helped hundreds of clients navigate and eliminate a plethora of personal and professional emotional barriers and live thriving lives. Meg is an avid healer and mental health influencer who has tried and tested over 30 different healing modalities. 


In her position at Soul Heal Sound, Meg created the Master Your Stress workshop, an online course designed to help participants practically understand and tackle all of life’s stressors. Meg emphasizes the importance of stress awareness and encourages on-the-spot practice yielding immediate results. She believes that knowing how stress impacts the body, mind, and behaviors is pivotal in mastering its elimination.

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