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Soul Heal Sound

"Used in sound healing therapy, singing bowls are believed to calm and repair the mind as well as reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve breathing and circulation, alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, and improve the mood of the patient.”


Soul Heal Sound

Soul Heal Sound is a nationally recognized sound healing therapy organization focused on the mental health and wellness of high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs. Soul Heal Sound was established in 2019 and to date has worked with over 2000 individuals to heal from anxiety, stress, and trauma through the power of sound healing and gong.

Led by Chief Sound Healer, Meg Watt, who completed two rounds of John Kabat Zin's 8-week intensive MBSR training, has spent years cultivating this powerful meditative practice.

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What to Expect

Your only job is to find a comfortable position: it could be in your bed, sitting in a chair, or lying on a mat. As you join the virtual session, soft music plays to begin relaxing the body. No video is needed for participants. Meg will briefly introduce herself, give a small background on sound healing, and explain the flow of the session. 


Phase 1
Mindfulness Body Scan
(7-10 minutes)

Phase 1 is a verbal practice that scans the body from head to toe that requires you to intentionally bring awareness to those parts of the body that allows you to release tension. You will experience deep relaxation, calmness, and possibly sleepiness before the sound healing session begins. This will allow you to enter into deep meditation. 


Phase 2
Sound Bath
(30-45 minutes)

Phase 2 is conducted with Tibetan Gong, Singing Bowl, Rain Stick, and Ocean Drum. Your body will start to feel heavier as you enter into a meditative state. Participants describe the feeling as “dreamy.” Your blood pressure lowers, your brain slows down and you enter the ultimate state of calm and inner peace. Your feelings drift and you focus on your breath and the sounds that you hear. Often times participants will experience a release of emotions, sometimes even tears, whatever it is we want you to be open to whatever comes. 


Phase 3
Verbal Awakening (Conclusion 5-10)

Slowly awake out of a meditative state. Participants are welcome to share an inquiry regarding their experience. Each session is different and there is never a requirement to share. Participants are thanked and can leave the session feeling relaxed and changed forever in powerful ways. Some experience colors during the session, some experience body sensations, and some sleep the entire time. There is no right or wrong experience to have. The gong and other instruments target exactly what each individual body needs.

Recommended Frequency: For a non-stressful, easy to commit to, and easy to establish self-care routine, it is recommended that you practice sound-healing monthly. For those that are in more urgent need of therapy, it is recommended that sound healing is practiced weekly. 



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