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What is Sound Therapy and why is

Soul Heal Sound right for you?

Sound therapy healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical instruments to create healing vibrations throughout the body and puts you in a meditative state. Soul Heal Sound uses the ancient Tibetan Gong, Singing Bowls, Ocean Drum, and Rain Sticks during therapy sessions. Gong meditation is a form of sound therapy that has been proven to greatly reduce stress, promote relaxation and produce other healing effects. Soul Heal Sound is on a mission to establish a level of normalcy in self-healing and emotional well-being. We want to change the narrative associated with mental health by widely sharing a patient perspective on the experiences and advantages of healing emotionally.

Our chief Sound Healer, Meg Watt, has facilitated over 300 healing sessions, over 500 hours of practice, and helped over 2000 people alleviate multiple conditions such as (but not limited to) trauma, stress, anxiety, grief, pain, insomnia, menopause symptoms, COVID-19 symptoms, weight loss, and high blood pressure. 

Meet Meg Watt,
Your Sound Healer

Eliminate your stress, anxiety, and depression with Meg.

Meg Watt is a sound healer helping high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs heal from stress, anxiety, and trauma. She currently serves as Chief Sound Healer at Soul Heal Sound where she has helped over 2000 clients navigate and eliminate a plethora of personal and professional emotional barriers and live thriving lives. Meg is an avid healer and mental health influencer who has tried and tested over 30 different healing modalities. 


In her position at Soul Heal Sound, Meg created the Master Your Stress workshop, an online course designed to help participants practically understand and tackle all of life’s stressors. Meg emphasizes the importance of stress awareness and encourages on-the-spot practice yielding immediate results. She believes that knowing how stress impacts the body, mind, and behaviors is pivotal in mastering its elimination.


Open your heart and soul to healing
Join our next Soul Heal Sound
Therapy Session from the
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After 4 sessions of Sound healing with Meg, my mood improved dramatically, I overall just felt happier, I was more productive at work and I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. It was actually better than therapy.

-Lakeisha B. Lansing, Michigan

More Real Client Stories

You would be surprised how much sound therapy can change your life for the better, personally, socially, and professionally.

"When I found Meg I was probably the most depressed and the highest weight I had ever been. She was doing a group healing session in my sorority. I accidentally fell in love with her and it has changed my life forever. I lost weight, I’m no longer depressed, and she is now a part of my therapy routine. I am so grateful for sound healing.”

Fatima G. San Francisco, Ca

“Sound Therapy with Meg is my new Self Care. I never thought I would feel this good from listening to a gong. It’s a real thing. I recommend her to everyone.”

Shannon S. Atlanta, Ga



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